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Dual diagnosis is when a person experiences a mental health condition and a substance abuse problem simultaneously. Learn about symptoms and treatment.

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Comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers directory. Provides a free 24/7 addiction treatment hotline and listings of US drug and alcohol rehab, detox and treatment centers.

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At California Drug Recovery we focus specifically within four categories: Drug Addiction / Substance Abuse / Chemical Dependency Alcoholism / Alcohol Abuse Gambling Addiction Co-Occurring Disorders / Dual-Diagnosis Many treatment …

According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control … data tracking endocarditis hospitalizations in North Carolina and found the number of patients discharged from hospitals with a dual diagnosis of drug dependence and endocarditis …

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Smithfield North Carolina NC Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab | Call us 855-676-4778(167) dual diagnosis drug Rehab in North Carolina. Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in NC and Nationwide. Most Advanced Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in …

Addiction, combined with schizophrenia, is known as a dual diagnosis. When his …

They tested anti-PD1, anti-LAG3 and anti-KLRG1 antibodies as single as well as dual treatments in mice. They found that the simultaneous targeting of the two immune checkpoints PD1 and LAG3 efficiently kept the number of CLL cells low …

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Dual Diagnosis Program at Palm Partners Addiction Treatment Center. Dual diagnosis refers to a condition where the patient has both a substance addiction coupled with a psychological disorder.

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